YCM network has grown tremendously since 2008 to become a community that we are proud of. Our member base is a melting pot of diversity as a result of the various industries and experiences that come together in light of our common aspirations.

What benefits do YCM members get?

YCM members are entitled to a range of benefits, largely in the form of opportunities such as for networking, knowledge development, engaging industry leaders and building on leadership and soft skills.

More specifically, YCM members will gain access to:

What are the costs to YCM members?

Nothing at all. No membership fees are required; our members do not need to pay a single cent to be part of the YCM network. We strive to be an inclusive organisation open to all interested members of the public. As such, we rely on the support and generous contributions of our corporate partners.

Want to join YCM as a member?

YCM objectives and events are mainly focused on youth between the ages of 20 30. However, YCM membership is open to everyone; to join us, simply fill up the registration form here.