YCM Summit 2018: Distributed Economy

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It is with great pleasure that we unveil to you Young Corporate Malaysians’ (YCM) Exclusive 10th Annual Summit – Centered on the theme Distributed Economy!

We are proud to be the first organisation in Malaysia to discuss a topic that has sparked a global interest, and would like to invite you to join us as we kick-start the conversation as well as meet and network with Malaysia’s leading employers, CEOs, corporate leaders and selected 300 top-performing young professionals.

What is Distributed Economy (DE)? If you’ve taken a Grab to the airport, rented an Airbnb, saved a document on Dropbox, bought a used item on Mudah, you’ve been exposed to the unlimited potential of a distributed economy!

DE explores the possibility of sustainable industrial development through a synergistic regional approach instead of large-scale, centralised production that may not be sustainable in the long- run.

Why do we need to talk about it now? With the emergence of technologies like blockchain, that allows free open-source information sharing, inclusive peer-2-peer sharing platforms and open access financial technolgies, the concept of a distributed economy is no longer a far fetched vision. This also means the way enterprises and governments operate will be disrupted, are we prepared for the upcoming change?

What are the key issues we need to think about?

  • Blockchain & the transformation of MSMEs
  • Championing equality
  • Regulating the platform economy
  • Employment & job creation